Lil’ Gruesome Peanut Butter And Jelly Stout

Lil GruesomeTo commemorate the birth of this website, I wanted to kick it off with something that was out of the ordinary to the average beer drinker and Lil’ Gruesome: Peanut Butter And Jelly Stout is just that: a totally kooky brew with a very unique pallet that allows the average beer drinker to have a little bit of fun for a night.  I do mean for the night by the way, because this wears a 7% ABV on the label and comes in a bomber bottle (22oz.), so while it won’t get you drunk, it does call for a certain patience, if not indulgence.



Dark as night.  Honestly, I had two photography lamps pointed directly at the glass while I was taking pictures of the beer, and I still could not even remotely see through the damn thing.  The head forms a nice mahogany ‘reddish’ color, however that pairs quite nicely with the body color.


The sent has overpowering peanut notes (super surprising, I know).  However, there are a lot of fruity, yes even jam-like scents also present, and this definitely did surprise me with how present they really are.  There is also a certain stale smell about this beer; not necessarily bad, but stale is the only way it can be described.


OH HEY PEANUT BUTTER DIDN’T SEE YOU THERE.  Yeah, it tastes like peanuts. You don’t need a beer review to tell you that.  But once again, a surprisingly pleasing amount of fruity, jam-like flavors come through the dark, peanut-buttery abyss.  The brewery boasts about the introduction of raspberries during the fermenting process, however I don’t think one’s nose/tongue (or mine for that matter) really can pick out the berry taste as raspberry specifically.  Still, there is a pleasant mixture of indulgent chocolate and peanut butter; pierced by high, subtle, fruity jam notes.


I broke into this beer as a skeptic that was ready for a farce with flavors as complex and tasty as that of Reese’s cup that has been sitting on the counter for too long.  As soon as I smelled the beer, I knew I was in for a different experience than I was predicting. The taste of Lil’ Gruesome is really the most impressive part of this beer, as is the case with any good beer.  Come to Lil’ Gruesome when you want something unlike any other beer you’ve ever had, but aren’t willing to forgo quality and taste in place of a quirky label and a beer based off of a sandwich.

4.25 Stars out of 5

For more details go to: Spring House Brewery and offical page for Lil’ Gruesome

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