Review: Victory Brewing Co. Golden Monkey Belgian Style Tripel-Ale

Seeing as this I am, more or less, a Philadelphia based beer reviewer – I feel it is necessary to get some Philadelphia brews on this site.  I decided this was a perfect time to highlight my favorite Philly brewery and one of my favorites that they make – however you may find it is my favorite for rather juvenile reasons.  Also, I would venture to guess that Tripel-Ales are not very commonly found by people – and this is one that is in pretty good supply, and worth a taste.

DISCLAIMER: Hey, let’s not forget that at the time of this review – I am a college student. So don’t judge.



This pours a really awesome light brown/gold.  It is crystal clear with light carbonation; the kind you could see in champagne.  The head is a rather uninteresting solid white that dissipates quite quickly.  Something special in here that you may not have seen before is nice little yeast bits floating around.  This does nothing to cloud up the beer – think of them as something similar to the gold flakes in Golschläger.


Oh hey it smells like yeast, big surprise.  But listen, you’re going to think I’m crazy, or maybe even making a monkey joke… BUT I SWEAR THIS SMELLS LIKE BANANAS.  Victory is not specific about what particular fruits comprise their “fruity aroma,” however I would lay a lot of my (non-existent) money that a huge part of the fruit component happens to be bananas.  Overall: great smelling beer.


         Look, this beer is 9.5% ABV and it REALLY tastes like it.  I can’t lie: the first thing I taste is alcohol, and this is not necessarily a pleasant taste.  Especially for those (like my girlfriend) who don’t want their “beer to taste like beer.”  I find that when people say this, they are referring to the taste of hops/yeast and alcohol, which this beer is quite overpowering on both fronts.  Upon reading some other beer reviewers take on this, I am finding a lot of people don’t find it to taste too much of alcohol.  I say those people are crazy.  I think they mean it doesn’t taste too boozy for a 9.5, but no matter what, I can’t see anyone finding this not to taste too much like alcohol.


         Like I said, I do really like this beer but I have to say it is because; A) it is brewed in Philadelphia, and B) it’s ABV. I used to drink this beer a lot purely for its…certain qualities, and certainly not for it’s taste or other attributes.  However, as I’ve had it more, I’ve really acquired a taste for it – but I do not believe that makes it a better tasting beer to others.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s still a quality beer, but it’s not quite as likable or drinkable as others.  But I think for this beer and future beers I need to add another star rating…

3.75 Stars out of 5

4.5 (Party) Star(ter)s out of 5

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