Review: Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA

I If you are an IPA drinker, chances are that you’ve had Dogfish Head 60 Minute and/or 90 Minute IPAs.  In my opinion, the 60-minute leaves you wanting more and the 90-minute slaps you across the face with boozy and hoppy flavor.  Well, that seems to make me the target audience for the 75-minute IPA because this beer hits right in the sweet spot between its two siblings, and there is good reason for that.  The 75-minute IPA is merely a mixture of its 60 and 90 minute counterparts, with a little something-something mixed in.  The ‘something-something’ in question is maple syrup which plays a huge role in the beer overall.  Oh by the way, this is 7.5% ABV in a Bomber bottle (22oz) – you will feel a buzz after consuming this beer.

75 minute IPA


This is a legitimately pretty beer! It’s hazy and gold much like straw or wheat.  I strongly suggest shining a nice bright light through the beer to really be able to appreciate the color of the beer.  The haziness hides the carbonation through the body of the beer, but give the glass a slight tilt and peer down the top of it and you will see the fine carbonation dancing to the surface.  The head is slightly off white and seems to last forever! This beer requires a skilled pour so as not to create a big head because the evidence of your ineptitude will remain for all to see throughout your enjoyment of it.


The scent is weaker than I expected to be honest.  You don’t get too much off the initial sniff other than slight citrusy scents and subtle notes of the maple.  It certainly doesn’t smell like pancakes, but you get a little sweet scent, especially if you inhale while taking a sip, that pair really very well with the citrus and hops.


IF YOU LIKE YOUR IPA’S TO BE VERY HOPPY, YOU WILL NOT ENJOY THIS.  That really is worth saying because this beer is surprisingly sweet and smooth for an IPA and especially for an IPA made by Dogfish Head.  I would attribute this directly to the addition of the maple in this beer.  The maple flavors may not shine through as recognizably syrupy, but there is a profound sweet smoothness in this beer.  In my opinion, this sweetness makes this one of the most drinkable IPA’s I’ve ever had.


Some IPA’s have a great bite to them that is really enjoyable, but you can’t have too many of them without getting tired of the beer.  The 75-minute does not have this problem.  I did not get what I expected out of this beer, however that is not an insult in anyway.  This beer is really unique in a very enjoyable way.  This is a very drinkable, pretty, and overall enjoyable beer that will satisfy all those who like the strength of an IPA, but just don’t like the bitterness.

4. 5 Stars out of 5

Click me for more info on Dogfish Head and the 75-Minute!

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