Weyerbacher Tiny (Imperial Stout)

Can I just tell you how much I like Weyerbacher? It’s a LOT. They make consistently impressive beers that are unique, and yet recognizably Weyerbacher. So when I cam home to visit my folks for a week off, I walked into my local Wegman’s and went to their beer section so I could knock out a couple beer reviews over the week. I saw a big sign that pointed to the Weyerbacher selection so I B-lined right to those shelves. The selection was delightfully wide and varied, however there was one I hadn’t seen before: Weyerbacher Tiny Belgian-Style Imperial Stout. Two of my favorite things: Weyerbacher, and Imperial Stouts. I had to try!



It is an Imperial Stout and as such, the appearance is pretty much what you would expect: Super dark (yet, with a hint of brown light shining through), and a fizzy tan head that pours very full, yet dissipates relatively quickly.   I wish I could say more about it, however it provides exactly what you would expect. There are no fireworks, no surprises.



This beer has really wonderful notes of chocolate and coffee. In my opinion, if you smell too much else with this beer, your sniffer is either way off, or you may want to go to a doctor immediately. The smell coming off of this beer brings to mind on word: roasted, and it is such a good roasted sent. It offers the same euphoric feeling that you get when entering a good, home-brewed coffee shop. You can get almost as much enjoyment out of smelling this beer as you can while drinking it!



The first sip is a DOOZY. I took the first sip of this beer completely fresh, meaning I hadn’t been eating or drinking anything else. It nearly knocked me down! I don’t necessarily see that as a bad or good thing, more of a personal opinion of how you like to be introduced to new experiences of food and drink. On that first sip I received full force of the malty, coffee-y, chocolatey, and BOOZY flavors. Yes, for how strong this beer is (11% ABV) the alcohol taste is VERY well hidden, but if you go into this with not a bit of food or cola having touched your lips in the last few minute, YOU WILL NOTICE. The taste has the potential to be so bitter at times, that I find some soy sauce notes at the back. Mind you, that is not always a bad thing: salty bitterness can add a nice complexity to a beer, as it does with Tiny. It is worth saying; this is a beer to be ENJOYED, NOT GUZZLED. I had the misfortune of having to leave the house halfway through this beer review so I had to down about 1/3 of a mug of this and it was absolutely atrocious! Sips make this beer attractive; gulps turn it into the ugly stepsister.



My adoration of Weyerbacher may be playing into the review of this beer, and not in the way that you’re probably imagining. I hold Weyerbacher beers to a very high standard, a standard that says they will bring new, unique, and astounding beers to your pallet. This beer doesn’t do that for me. DON’T GET ME WORNG: it is very delicious, but it does nothing to stand out amongst other Imperial Stouts with brewery names that are not nearly as revered. If I found this beer at my local bar, I would probably grab a mug of it, but I have to be honest and say that I would not go out of my way to grab this again.





(A very solid) 3.75 out of 5

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