Beer Gear

So you like beer, huh? Want to start enjoying beer past a simple game of beer pong? You may need a couple tools. I have complied a short list of very attainable things that enhanced my enjoyment of beer, and I am sure it will do the same for you.




This seems like something that may be rather unnecessary to those who don’t know what the glasses do for beer. Each glass is shaped to better tailor the enjoyment of a certain type of beer. Some glasses allow extra space for a thick, creamy head to accumulate; others have a wide-open mouth so you can enjoy a more present scent when sipping your beer. The proper glass for the proper beer makes all the difference between drinking a beer, and really enjoying one. If you want a REALLY in depth description of certain beers for certain glass (so you know what you’d want to buy) Beer Advocate has a good catalogue here . As for the majority of people, I think a standard variety pack of glasses would serve the best which is sold by Amazon.


A GREAT Bottle Opener:


There are bottle openers and there are bottle openers, but every beer drinker should have one that is the BEST one. I like a wall mounted bottle opener; it is really easy to handle, makes opening bomber bottles easier, and it looks awesome! The one I have goes by the name of “Drop Catch.” I originally saw it on and funded it in developmental stage, but now it has really taken off! Put simply, it mounts on your wall with 2 small screws, has a burly bottle opener mounted towards the top, and has a very strong rare earth magnet towards the bottom that catches the cap as it falls! I have had mine holding 30 caps at once! It’s a great conversation piece, and a wonderful opener. Take a look at Drop Catch here.


More Convenient Bottle Openers:

IMG_6357 IMG_6358 IMG_6362

I like to keep at lest 2 bottle openers that aren’t my drop catch around the house. This allows a better sense of convenience for you (if you happen to sit in your favorite chair while you enjoy a beer, as I do), and it makes it easier for you to share the experience more conveniently with friends that may be over to your place. In addition, you should have a bottle opener on your keys because…well…you should. You never know when you might need one! When looking for bottle openers it is important to find one that offers a comfortable grip, and is big and long enough to provide adequate torque to easily open bottles.








Finally, Untapped: the free app for Android and iPhone that offers a great way to track what beers you’ve drank, rate them, find info about them and their breweries, find out what your friends are drinking, and so much more. Untapped may be my favorite app on my phone right now. It is social media for beer! Sign up and download Untapped here!  And feel free to add me!



Any gear that you use to further your beer enjoyment? Let me know what they are!



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