The uKeg™ Pressurized Growler

Okay now listen up! I’m super excited and super angry! I will tell you why…

photos of uKeg

Do you see this? This is the uKeg™ Pressurized Growler from Growler Werks, an exciting young company out of what could be arguably called the beer Mecca of the USA, Portland, Oregon.

There slogan is, “Fresh. Cold. Carbonated. To Go.” So you probably don’t need any more information. I imagine you’ve stopped reading and are now on their Kickstarter page pledging your life savings.

No? You need more explanation? Okay listen up- You know how awesome growlers are? Because they are – they let you take large quantities of specialty beers from your favorite craft bar, sometimes beers that aren’t available in bottle form, and let you enjoy them in the comfort of your own home or a friend’s get-together. But we also all know the bad part of growlers, such as the fact that the beer doesn’t exactly stay fresh for very long – once you open it you pretty much have to finish it or face the stale consequences, growlers are large unwieldy beasts and pouring out of one is ridiculous, and that they’re made of glass – AND GLASS BREAKS!

How uKeg Works

The uKeg™ solves LITERALLY ALL of those problems. Beer staying fresh? Your beer is going to stay as fresh as a child that mouths off to their parents due not only to an airtight seal, but an ingenious CO2 regulator cap utilizing a CO2 cartridge! Pouring difficulties? Not only is pouring out of the uKeg™ easy, it is second nature due the fact that it has a tap handle just like you’d find on any kegerator or tapped beer! Made of glass? Silly mortal, the uKeg™ is made of a double insulated stainless steel that will not only keep your beer cold, but it is much more drop resistant than glass. (But take better care of your growler and stop dropping it, dude. Seriously, it’s not cool.)

Options of uKeg

There is so much more to the uKeg™ that makes it an unbelievable product such as the awesome carrying satchel, the fact that it comes in 2 sizes, the visual sight glass on the front that indicates the fill level, and we are just getting started.

So obviously you all now know why I am so excited… Why am I angry? Because being someone who graduates this coming December, I need to save every penny I can, so I can’t afford one right now. But all of you should pledge your money on their Kickstarter ASAP because the ability to pledge closes Monday December 8th.

I’ve hyper linked their KickStarter a lot in this post, but for those who prefer a proper link:

P.S. Anybody want to buy me one?

All photo credit to GrowlerWerks LLC ©

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