St. Declan’s Well, Philadelphia

Is there anything more enjoyable than a proper Irish pub? The food, the atmosphere, the drinks – it’s the type of place that makes you just as comfortable and welcome as eating and drinking at home, but with the added experience of being around all of your friends and paying for your fare. St. Declan’s Well is fairly new on the scene, having just celebrated their 1st year anniversary several weeks ago, and I have been there for more of those first 365 days of business than I wish to admit, however I’ve loved each one!


Declan’s offers exactly what you would want from an Irish pub in the form of traditional Irish favorites in both food and drink. The best sign of a quality Irish pub is a properly poured Guinness (or black velvet, or Belgian waffle, or black and tan, etc.), and I have had my fair share of the brown stuff, poured by several different bar tenders there – and they’ve all been poured perfectly. In the same vein, a quality Irish pub should have a wide selection of whiskeys and scotches available, and Declan’s does not disappoint in this category either, offering several different brands AND year variations of each brand.  It’s also worth mentioning that there is no shortage of local craft beers on tap!


You will probably also want to pair some of those spirits with traditional Irish food. The kitchen in Declan’s whips up great Irish grub that is not only delicious, but great value for money. The portions are great, the flavor is perfect – and in the cold weather (like we are getting to now) nothing beats a hot plate of Bangers & Mash. There are plenty of other great Irish dishes that you could indulge in, along with your standard bar fare that is always appealing. And while you are chowing down, you can take the time to enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere.


Declan’s also does awesome specials and events. My favorite is Quizzo on every Tuesday, not only because it’s a ton of fun, but because you play for a Declan’s gift card! They also have great specials on Eagle’s game day, soccer specials, and planned events which can be viewed on their calendar page:


But my favorite part of all, more than the food, more than the drink, more than the games – is the staff. One of the best, kindest, and most knowledgeable staff I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. Thanks to all of them, especially Marty Jr., for showing me such hospitality and such a good time every time I stepped in the door.


Check out more at


And be sure to visit at: 3131 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104



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