Lost Rhino Brewery: Cerise Acide

For you today, I have something a little off center. Courtesy of my brother, I am in possession of a very unique brew from Lost Rhino Brewing Company, which is based out of Ashburn, VA. I will admit upfront that I do not know much about Lost Rhino, but that is perfect because I do not know much about this variety of beer either. This being said, I am able to come into this with no previous assumptions or biases towards the beer or brewery. This is will be fun! Lets explore the Genius Loci Series: Cerise Acide!



“Holy Hell – wait…what??” Those were the first words that left my mouth when I poured this beer. First and foremost this is a color that I have never seen leave a beer bottle. If I am entirely honest, it is not an attractive color. It shares a startlingly similar appearance to….well…vomit. I am sorry, I know that isn’t a beautiful image, or a startlingly grand compliment, but it just does. The fact that it appears to be unfiltered, which gives a solid amount of sediment to the pour, does not help the case. It’s not a beautiful beer, let’s leave it at that.



Again, this beer is a complete curveball. This beer absolutely smells like champagne. It is such an agreeable scent that it makes you completely not care about the appearance of the beer. There is a great floral note to the scent, but (appropriately) the dominating scent is cherry. And this isn’t some terrible cough syrup type of cherry – this is true cherry that makes you exited to drink this beer.



Guess what? Yep, this category is unique too, but in the best way. At first sip, it is borderline startling. The name and category are true to this beer in the idea that it is definitely sour. With me saying that you’re probably thinking, ‘Why on Earth would I want something sour?’ And to that I say, BECAUSE IT’S NICE TO TRY DIFFERENT THINGS! DAMN! STOP BEING SO CLOSE MINDED! I’M A PEAKOCK, YOU GOT TO LET ME FLY! But really, this reminds of the warhead candy that I used to eat all the time as a kid – the first 10% of the taste is almost abrasively harsh and sour, but it is reprised in a grand way by the wonderful sweet finish in the last 90%. Wow, just wow.



I am blown away by this unique bottle. While it is terrible to look at, it is so easy to not care about that once you taste it because every other characteristic of this beer is a knockout. It’s different, but it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to be different just for differences’ sake. If you are ever in the NOVA area, check out Lost Rhino for this beer that will make you upset that it is only done in small batches. I want a case of this damn it!


4.5 Out of 5

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