Long Trail Brewing Company Limbo IPA

I will be 100% honest with you – I bought this beer strictly for the cool label. What can I say? I was just looking to build a custom six-pack at my local store and this one just looked plain cool. I definitely got more than I bargained for with The Limbo IPA from Long Trail Brewing out of Bridgewater Corners, VT. I had no previous knowledge of this beer or the maker prior to this test, so you can be sure this is especially unbiased. But I doubt you care about bias, I mean, come on – you’re reading an opinion blog – that’s about as biased as it gets. But I digress. If you are curious about the beer, label, and brewery, definitely check out the site – its pretty damn cool: http://longtrail.com/beers/limbo-ipa.


Hot damn that is a pretty beer! The color is officially listed as ‘orange-amber’ and I have to say that is pretty spot on. The head pours large and frothy, yet dissipates quickly like any good IPA should. There are a few subtle unfiltered bits that dance around the glass that offer a really pretty haze to it. Here are the perfect steps to enjoying the look of this beer:

  • Look at sweet label.
  • Find a sweet sunset.
  • Pour beer into clean glass.
  • Hold up against sun.
  • Profit



This is the BEST part of this beer, and no, that is not a knock against it. It’s like a damn tropical rainforest of beer up in this B! Mangos, pineapple, lots of grapefruit! Seriously, the smell of this beer is so crisp and fruity; it’s intoxicating (alcohol pun totally intended). You even find a bit of malt behind the obvious hop aroma. TENOUTTATEN.



I will say this outright – if you are not keen on IPA’s or don’t like the taste of hops, just…like…why are you reading this? You know you’re not going to believe a word I say. Hell, you probably feel all IPA’s taste the same and are just bitter. So shuttyuppy. But for all of you other folk, the chosen few that enjoy the noble brew, this one is definitely worth your inspection. The same grapefruit notes from the scent come through the taste as well and it is massively good. On top of that there is a very subtle, yet very appropriate malt taste, nothing special, but just enough to cut down the bitterness. I would go as far as to say that Limbo is a ‘sweet’ beer. Not sweet like candy, but more sweet like marinated meat. Pulls together well.



This was one of the best impulse purchases that I’ve ever made. Usually the bottles I get like this have one or two interesting features, but something falls flat. Limbo really hits all the marks I look for in a great IPA. It is not overpoweringly bitter, despite it’s 80 IBUs, it has a complex scent that is evident immediately upon pouring, and it is damn pretty! Seriously, if you can find it – buy it! Especially if you are in a bar because the tap is damn human femur! That’s badass!


4.5 Stars out of 5


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