DuClaw Dirty Little Freak

DuClaw really pleases me almost all the time. Between their beer, their awesome website (seriously, check this out), or their all around very cool sense of style (this beer has a launch video!); DuClaw knows how to do it! So once I saw this new seasonal in the stores I had to grab one. This is the Dirty Little Freak (Coconut Caramel Chocolate) Brown Ale, and as the makers themselves say, “There is no safe word.” (Come on, that’s badass and you know it.) Let’s roll.



You know I like to include the packaging appearance in this category and as per usual, DuClaw kills it. The bottle comes with it’s own home-brewed font that is absolutely doing it’s job in making the bottle as eye-catching as possible. Purple and black fits this beer especially well as label colors. If you doubt the packaging’s success, just remember, I bought this because I saw this bottle stick out amongst a wall of beer. As for the stuff on the inside of the bottle, it’s a nice shade of a dark amber (slash) caramel. The head dies down fast and leaves just a small trace on the surface of the pour. Not much else to report here.



            It’s like we are getting our bake on! Smell’s like the cookies Ma makes! Strong chocolate and coconut dominate the scent to the point where if I had my eyes closed, beer wouldn’t be my first guess. It almost smells like a chocolate milk variant. I hate to leave this section so sparse but there isn’t much more of a tale to tell here: if you like to smell your beers, then this one will definitely interest you.



Thank god the scent isn’t deceiving. You smelled some sweet, now we are tasting some sweet. The coconut and chocolate are still very present, but this time paired with a bit of vanilla, and the telltale malt flavor that I would expect with something of this color. I’m pleased because while it is rather sweet, it isn’t too much. I could see myself having more than one of these (something I certainly can’t say about DLF’s older brother; Sweet Baby Jesus).



I am so glad I actually like this beer. Sometimes when I am a fan of a company’s image, and not just beer companies, I tend to trick myself into liking the products no matter what because of a very extreme bias. I can sincerely say that my approval of this beer has nothing to do with the DuClaw’s bad-assery (although it certainly doesn’t hurt). This is an aromatic, sweet, different, and very drinkable bottle of suds. I don’t know how long you’ll be able to grab this beauty so make sure that if you see it, grab a bottle and see for yourself!

4.5 Stars out of 5

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