Left Hand Sawtooth Nitro All-American Ale

Left hand always pumps out solid, good beer. Their Milk Stout is quite possible my favorite of any milk stout. Much like the Left hand logo attracts me, if I ever see ‘Nitro’ written on a bottle, I am just as intrigued. So the two of them together? No Brainer. That’s why I picked up the Sawtooth Nitro All-American Ale.



            Well if this isn’t just the most beautiful pouring beer I have had in a long time. It’s a gorgeous shade of amber that really lends to outdoor drinking. The just-off-white head lingers in frothy glory for a little while, but does not obstruct drinking. The bottle is very understated, but they have the important bit. ‘nitro’ written in big letters.



            The best word for the aroma of this brew is ‘restrained.’ You almost smell hops, you almost smell malt, you almost smell a couple things but at the end of it, you’re really not getting that much reward for this particular sense.



            I really wish I had more to say about really any of these categories, but this one most of all. The flavor is so underwhelming. I fear the nitro actually covered up some of the flavor. Sawtooth is endlessly drinkable, perfect for a hot day, but there could be so much more to it than that. The tale end of each sip is teased with a slight herbal-hoppiness that quickly dies down. I DO NOT WANT IT TO DIE DOWN! This would be just a little bit better with a stronger finish.



            I hate to say it, I really do, but I was a bit let down with this one. I don’t want this to be totally negative however, so I will say this is absolutely a great alternative to your run of the mill pilsners and light beers if you want something for the summer. Sawtooth is drinkable and infinitely more rewarding than what you had at your last BBQ. That being said, it just aches of unrealized potential, and that is a shame.

3.25 Stars out of 5

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    • Left hand is usually a certain 10/10 – thats what made this all that much harder to dislike, it was just so…nothing. But if you can ever get your hands on the Milk Stout – DO IT.

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