Stone Stochasticity Project: Quadro Triticale

Crap! It’s been a long damn time. Sorry about that… Been trying to work on myself, you know? Work on my eating and drinking habits, work on my professional life, work on just life, I’m sure you understand. BUT… I am not even close to done with this site, or my work, so twist my arm – I WILL DRINK A BEER FOR YOU! Since this was going to be my first review in quite some time, I wanted to come at you with something that I could say with confidence was going to be both tasty, and unique, however I didn’t want to review something I had drank already. I was keeping this gem in my fridge for months; eagerly awaiting the day I was to crack it open, and reap it’s bounty. It was so worth the wait. Let’s dive in.



            Can I just mention how much I love Stone’s image? I love the gargoyle. I love what it stands for; the f*ck you attitude of it all. “Hey, we are beer people, and we make kick-ass beer, don’t like it? Leave. We are just arrogant bastards like that.” See what I did there? But in all seriousness, the gargoyle hidden in a stipple/cross-stich effect on the bottle I sa huge eye-draw, not to mention the large and bold font-type that grabs your attention.



            Malt (BAM!), caramel (BAM!), booze (BAM! BAM! BAM!)! It doesn’t take a ‘beer person’ to pick out the driving aromatic notes of this beer, however that is not necessarily a bad thing. A huge driving force behind the Stone Stochasticity Project is experimentation. Knowing that, you pop the cap off already expecting the unexpected in terms of flavors. Smell is the first scent that is engaged by what’s inside of the bottle, and because of that, the familiarity and relative predictability of the scent is very welcome.



            This beer makes me think of Philly. To those who don’t know me, that may seem like an odd statement, but in reality, that is one of the highest compliments that I can give. I love Philly. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, all my favorite sports teams are in the illadelph, I went to college at Drexel University, I have celebrated several anniversaries with my girlfriend of over half a decade in the city of brotherly love; I love that city, that city is me. Drinking this beer brings me right back there, brings me back to Lancaster Ave, brings me back to University City, brings me back to the Linc, back to my friends and family. That same malt and caramel from the scent is back, obviously, since it is a quad…however, there is more to it than that. In an almost barley-wine(esque) way there is a sweet raisin/date flavor, but somehow they still maintained a bitter hop taste that really ties it all in a pretty bow. Damn, just damn,



            Guys and girls… this is possibly the best return to the First Draft that I could have asked for. I leave this review, well, a little buzzed ( 22 oz. at 9.3% will do that to you), but mostly gratified. This beer has been in my fridge for months. So much has happened since I bought this beer, I got a raise, I had my 6th year anniversary, it became 2016, David Bowie died, Making a Murderer took over the internet, Casey Neistat had 3 viral videos; it’s been a while, AND THE WAIT WAS WORTH IT.   Stone has created something worth trying, something worth buying, something worth grabbing ‘before it’s gone’ in an infomercial kind of way as if there was an easy installment plan to purchase because all this could be yours for a low – low price but only for the next hour before the deal expires! And I don’t say that often, obviously (it’s a lot to say). Go. Go buy this beer, it’s worth it. This is a First Draft first…..


5 stars out of 5



I’m back 🙂


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